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'98 electrical problems

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I recently purchased a 98 TDI jetta. i got it for rather cheap as the side is messed up and the bumper is missing. In all my glory, i didn't check to see if the headlights or accessories worked.
I got home tried to turn the headlights on, no go. the high beams work. i tried turning the AC on, no go.
As i was messing around with the high beams, i noticed that if i turn my headlight switch on and click my highbeams twice, all my accessories work (odd thing to find out i know.) I also noticed after my car is turned on, if i inch my key forward a little, all my accessories work, and my lights.

If anyone knows anything that can help please let me know.

edit: i also dont have a radio in there, was put under the impression it might be that
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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