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so, im looking for a air intake i have the stock one in right now so i went and bought a k&n filter and a smaller one for the engen out take, it sounds cool when i drive but the gas milage just go sooo much worse more like insted of stock box filter id get allmost 29 MPG hwy, with aftermarket mock up something like 11 MPG on the hwy. :( gr8 HP & tork tho:) sounds cool, c what am wanting is i think a hose going from the front out take air form the engen into the airfilter but isnt that air hot?? i can take a pic and show you guy's what iv done and show you what i want, its sooo hard to explaine in writing if i can get some help on air intake for my type of vduba would be soo much apreceated. thanks so much ;D i saw this but its a LOT of moneys
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