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99 Jetta 2.0 motor - High RPM's??

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Just bought a 99 Jetta 2.0 Wolfsburg edition.

The RPM's seem to be high to me when on the highway.

When I hit the 75 mph range, the RPM's are at about 3200 + a little.
When I hit the 80 mph range, the RPM's are at about 3450 or so.

Now, to me that seems a little high, I am used to my truck running 28-2900 at 75 mph.

It does not sound like its rapping out but it sounds like it is reving a touch higher than what it should, almost like if I had 6 speeds, I could shift into 6 and not lose power.

I dont really know as I have not owned a 4 banger little car in years.

Do these sound about right or are they a bit high?

Also, are there any performance mods to the 2.0 that are cheap and easy? I dont want to screw with exhaust right now, other than maybe hacking off the cat.
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we dont have the same final drive as other cars. It's normal
I have a 2.0 8V and mine does the same thing..... but trust me i've done like 90 in forth gear tacking 5k (rounded up) and once you hit 5th man you'll never stop haha..... I'm pretty sure its the 8V and not 16....... The 16V set up doesn't tack like that......

Anyways good luck..
as for mods,

best things to do to any engine to start is intake/exhaust

Port n polish the manifold
More freeflowing exhaust (2.5" max for a 4 banger, mayb 2.75")
Headers if u can find em (short tube or med. i dont think you'll be racing so you dont need the high rpm power of a longtube)

from there it gets a bit more labor intensive

suspension (not really performance mod imo)
fuel delivery (pump should probably get replaced anyway) and injectors
Ignition (MSD is a favorite)
If you go turbo you'll have to redo your exhaust + valves/springs, pistons, and connecting rods
clutch if its manual
manual swap if its auto
alum crank

etc etc

the lists go on
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way to go all out man... haha
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