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a battery problem??

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Hi, car starts fine...had battery checked purrfect, had alternator checked,purrfect...BUT, if car is switched off and I leave lights on for approx 30 wont start as battery appears to be flat...quick push or jump and it starts again no prob...any ideas anyone??
many thanks, Jason South Africa
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some sorta crazy parasitic drain goin on, check anything that uses power, arduous but worth it.
you have a high draw coming from somewhere, like i said in another post, CHECK YOUR GROUNDS
Battery Probs'

Hi folk, thank you for all the advice......It turned out to be something pathetically stupid....DAH, Regulator. I ended up replacing the ignition control module 3x, and then the battery which warped a plate and said good-bye. A mate of mine then put a tester on the alt and said it was my regulator as it kept spiking, hence ruining the module and eventually the battery. I had a new one in the boot which I had bought a year ago....(DUH)....he put it in and now everything is hunkey dorey.....Thanks folk, I appreciate it, Jason
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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