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Just bought my first Jetta. I'm lookin to chip it and get a new intake to start off with. any suggestions?
Not that I have any solid experience-based advice for you yet (I haven't done either of those mods). But I have noticed that, for the most part, people seem to be looking for the following before giving solid advice...

* What year your car is - I know this is in the MkIV forum, but there are slight differences in the cars (engines, etc).

* What engine you have - 2.0, VR6, 1.8T, 1.9, etc

* What are your goals with these mods?

* Optional, but gets more people to look, it seems... Pictures

Anyway... It seems that, for most people I read about in forums, APR seems to make a stable "chip" for the 1.8T (by stable I am refering to a "surging" issue that some have reported with other "chips")... And I think they might make intakes too...

Hope more people with experience will chime in... I would be interested to hear as well...

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Ok, heres your options. You can do what he said with the k&n cone which is $40 at Autozone. and the small breather is probably $7-$10. Or you get the AEM, Carbonio, etc. cold-air intakes. THey are good but not recommended for cars that come in contact with water frequently, rain, floods, etc. I personally recommend the Neuspeed P-Flo. It is the best selling Audi/VW short ram on the market. Other ones are similar made by Evolution Motorsports (EvoMS), I dont kno if any others. Hope this helps.
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