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a pulsing rubbing like noise

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Hello I have a 98 jetta and I cant find out what is wrong. While I drive in low speed this noise coming from the front driver side I believe, starts as Im driving straight its like a wump wump wump and gets louder as I go faster and as I turn either left or right. the sound is not affected if I apply breaks and doesn't change on different road surfaces. I checked the cv joints there is no play in inner cv joint or damage to boot or a clunking noise. its not a humming noise either. Its almost like something is rubbing. I have new tires so that is not it. alignment is good and tires balanced. im at a loss at what it could be.If anyone has any idea id be interested to hear. thanks.
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My first guess would be the tires. You could rotate the tires and see if it changes anything. If you could post a video of it, we might be able to give you a better solution. Its possible to get a defective tire. Check your fender wells for tire rub too.
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