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:(on my 89 jetta when I drive on the freeway the speed goes down :confused:, for example if I am driving about 65 it goes down to 45, but I have the accelarator to the floor.
Then all of a sudden the speed picks up by itself. I change the fuel filter and the main pump in the gas tank. Has any out you guys experience this in your jettas.
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My brother had that problem with his s10 blazer. Instead of pushing it to the floor see if it will stay at 65 or higher if you don't push the pedal all the way down. The person that owns the blazer now fixed it by changing the fuel pump. But i see you already changed that so i don't know whats wrong with your car. I always take mine to the shop if anythings wrong with it.
Is your intake stock? If it isn't that might be the problem. It happened to me when i had put a K&N intake on mine, but actually was worse. If i reved my car to high the rpm dropped so fast it ended up shutting off my car. Really scary too cause the first time that happened it was on an s turn and i had no power steering, brakes, and throttle didn't work till i turned it back on. I took it to the shop and they told me to take it off and put the stock one back on.
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