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on my 89 jetta, when i drive on the freeway my car all of a sudden looses power and slows down but the thing is that i have the accelarator all the way to the flower it only does this once in a while but it bucks the **** out of me[wtf]. I change the fuel filter and the main pump. Do you have any suggestion as to what is the cuase.
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does it always stop accelerating at a certain rpms? Does it seem to accel a little better in higher rpm's?
It seem to accelarate better at higher rpm's.
does it have an AC pump.... even if it doesnt have an AC it might and that causes my jetta too loose power when it kicks on....... i just never use heat or anything lol...
id look into your fpr then, its a common failure on mkII's
the fpr is not that common of a failure, what fuel system does your car have? is it an 8v or 16v? i would test the pre-pump and see if its putting out a good amount of fuel(now that is a more common failure then the fpr) also go threw the wiring in the engine bay and see if anything might be unplugged or things like that. also check your grounds and see if any are loose that would also cause the problem you are describing.
Thanks I replace the two fuel pumps a couple of months ago and that took care of the problem.
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