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Accessory Delay Relay Possible?

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I was wondering if it is possible to place some kind of "accessory delay Relay" (basically a time delay relay) into an MKIV Jetta to allow for the power windows and/or aftermarket radio to continue to function after the key had been removed from the ignition and until the door opened like newer GM vehicles. I've grown accustomed to it in my other car, and would like to add it to my 01 Jetta if possible.

Does anyone have any experience with this or know how/where to wire something like this? I haven't found much out there specifically for the Jetta and any help would be appreciated.
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The only other way is a time delayed relay, and you can buy them. It will keep
power for a certain amount of time. As it is now, most these cars, you have
power for a few minutes until you open a door. I can use the window controls
until I open a door. Radio works for 8 minutes a shot with the car off...
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