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adding info. center... possible?

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I've got one for the masses. I'd like to turn my '02 VR6 5 speed that does not have the cluster-based information center (that shows MPG, etc.) into one that does. I figured there's two parts to this: 1. get a VR6 5 speed info. cluster WITH info. center and 2. get a turn signal stalk that includes the button on the end for controlling the info. center. I didn't even take into consideration the need for a new ECM, etc. Read on...

I obtained both of the needed items. The info. cluster I found is out of a '03 VR6 5 speed and the signal stalk I found was out of an '03 Golf 1.8 5 speed (same part #, though).

Installing the info. center and stalk was easy enough. All of the connections fit exactly the same. But the gotcha came when I went to try and turn the car on. The immobilizer embedded in the "new" info. center cluster did not know my keys. So off to the dealer I go to have my keys programmed, had to put my original cluster back in to drive it there.

Kudos to the dealer for trying. They were nice enough and tried to remarry my keys to my car... but couldn't! Apparently the differences in the version of the immobilizer kept me from being able to use it with my car. Bummer!

My question to folks is: has this been done before? I'd think it's possible. Since my used cluster was only $50 I'm thinking about tearing it apart and finding out what's inside, and if I can remove the info center would it install cleanly in my existing, working cluster?

Sure, I'm looking for opinions but even more useful would be someone with tech experience or someone who's done it sucessfully before.
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