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Anything special needed 4 brake pad change??

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Okay, so i need to change my brakes... I bought new pads for all-around. For the rear, i was wondering if you need any special tools, or any special tricks that i need to have/know about, because some cars have something weird with the ebrake...:eek:

PS: It's a 1999 Jetta GLX VR6, with disc brakes all-around.

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well thats a good idea to get one of those. i'm changing the brakes 2morow morning... Wne to Kragen and got some performance pads all-around...
well we just finished the back brakes... guna do the fronts maybe Tuesday...
Yeah it's a little funky, but we managed it. Not very HARD, just a little confusing
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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