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VW Jetta Coupe
1800cc automatic with sunroof
+-167.000km and of course he's BLACK :D

To do list:
- repaint, color ??
- interior
- clean enginebay
- switch the engine to 1.6TDintercooler :D :cool:
- and another few details....

Here some pics before the project starts

Bernd moves his former Coupe for the last meters..

Next to the Jettameister I :)


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First update:
Last weekend we drove about 1300km just for those....
It's a set of 7 and 8 x 16" and one BRANDNEW in 7 !!

I couldn't wait for fitting them for test...
Imho it looks damn cool :cool:

Oh yeah, the trunk with GLI spoiler is sold again it will be without one :D
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