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hello all, new to the forum here. I've got a 2008 Jetta and the heat and A/C have not been working quite right. The cold isnt all the way cold and the hot isnt all the way hot. refrigerant pressures are spot on, no lost coolant, the heater core is quite hot. I suspected a blend door issue, so i tore into it last week. I found that the servo wasnt moving the blend door over its full range of motion. when i move the blend door by hand, the air is blowing nice and hot or nice and cold, depending on which direction. So, i purchased a new servo.

The new servo does the same thing as the old one... goes in one direction until it is physically stopped by the tab and the motor sounds like it is trying to keep moving. same range of motion as the old one.

So here i am, stumped. Could this be related to some kind of climatic control computer thing? these newfangled cars and their computers stump me sometimes.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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