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cam shaft and chip

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so i saw neuspeed had a camshaft for the 2.0 8v engine i got in my 99 mk3 wolfy. good idea? bad idea? also i saw the techtronics chip upgrade. anyone have opinions?
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The best chip on the market is GIAC by far, and as for chip, id look into TT or autotech
wait the cam has its own seperate chip?

the thing is i wanna make sure the CEL doesnt go on.
I have been thinking about a cam and chip as well. But my goals are a little different than most people. I want better mileage... and well if I can get more power without decreasing mileage than thats great too.

I think pow3r meant to say look into TT or Autotech for a cam not a chip :p

cams come after doing more work...

better off getting adjustable cam GEARS if u want to mess with your timing
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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