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Can the Little Flashlight Bulbs serve as Jetta DRLs?

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Very specifically, what BULBS in what FIXTURES are supposed to light up on my 2007 Jetta, every time I start my car during daylight hours? I am very familiar with the purpose for DRLs, and some varying ways carmakers have resorted to having them operate. On my wife’s CRV, the light for its DRLs was provided by two small flashlight-like bulbs that stick through the side of the reflectors for the normal low beam lights for night driving. The light output by these, during daytime hours, was quite low, but in Honda’s estimation was sufficient to alert an oncoming car that I was approaching them from the opposite direction, and they should be aware of me. The only time the low beam lights ever came on in that CRV was AT NIGHT, or when driving through a tunnel or as part of a funeral procession.
So, why do my low beam lights come on, full strength, every day and all day long in my Jetta? I am older now than when I first started driving, and I now like to have brighter bulbs installed in my low beam and high beam sockets for better night driving vision. But the better and brighter bulbs have much shorter lifespans, and I’m having to replace the low beam bulbs 3 times a year !! I noticed that there are little flashlight-like bulbs sticking through the sides of the high-beam reflectors on my Jetta, like those on my wife’s CRV. They are lit whenever the low beams are also on (whenever the engine is on and the parking brake is off). When the engine is off, but the lights switch on the instrument panel is “on”, JUST the little flashlight bulbs, located in the high beams reflector, are lit up. So, are those little bulbs meant to only be serving as “parking lights,” to mark your car when pulled off on the side of a road? Is there any option to instead use them as DRLs, instead? Can they be reprogrammed using VAGCOM, or some other tool for editing a VW’s electrical DNA? Who does anyone out there use here in NJ to do any VAGCOM reprogramming for you? Thanks for your learned replies.
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I hate my headlights being on all the time but I found a solution to bulbs burning out every year. German made sylvania bulbs. Last 3 times as long. A vagcom reprogram would be nice to shut them off but my local VW dealer is a Later man!
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