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Cat Converter........

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Well.... I am thinking of cutting off my cat and running a straight pipe through to the first exhaust, then goes my hooker exhaust........ Just wondering how much damage the first exhaust would take if i was to cut the cat off??????

Obviously will cound a little louder, but with the performance muffler and the 1st stock muffler should be alright from damaging my performance part........ Just wondering what people think?
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Does your state do emmissions tests and annual inspections? If you answered yes to either part of that don't do it. You'll fail inspection and not be able to "legally" enjoy your car until it is corrected.
Seems like alot of extra work. Why not just get a high flow cat conv.
I might look into... its not work with a saws-all and a piece of staright pipe.........
lol! If you gotta bust out a sawzall every time you go for inspection that is gonna be a pain. After a couple years your exhaust will be 6" shorter.
Maybe you should look into a delete pipe like power suggested, its just a hunch but bolting and unbolting sounds far easier than cutting and welding.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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