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Check Engine Light Help

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I test drove a 02 1.8t Gls automatic tiptronic, did a normal inspection reeved it, let it idle, test drove around the block a couple tests, all that and didnt hear or see anything out of the ordinary. He said it had been sitting for three months and they had too many cars and it never got drove. I decided to purchase it and not 5 miles down the road the check engine light came on. I haven't had a chance to go run a test a yet, but I'm curious could it just be a dirty sensor because its been sitting so long or did a old man pull one over on me?
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Best thing to do is stop by an autozone or auto parts store and have them do a free scan to see whats wrong. If you could post the code here, we might be able to help you.

Congrats on purchasing a Jetta and Welcome to Jetta Junkie.
small possibility, most likely something just went from sitting so long. KiDGiB's advice is the best action.
Yeah I'll do that. And it's actually my second jetta I just upgraded from 2.slow to turbo but thanks :)
Would a code show up if that's the case of just something going bad from sitting?
Would a code show up if that's the case of just something going bad from sitting?
You are driving a mk4 jetta. CEL are so common. It could be from anything, just driving or just sitting..the possibilities are endless.
I agree. It could be from anything. I just checked mine a few days ago and i had 12 different codes. I cleared all the codes and i went to check it again today and its still clear (knock on wood).
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