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Cleaning the ride

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So immediately after purchase of my new jetta, I racked up about 500 miles in a weekend and then decided that it was already time to throw some water on it [since I was still actively showing it off and my mach was washed to be returned to garage queen status :p].
The dealer told us that waxing it presently was unnecessary and would strip some of the factory paint stuff [ i didn't really press them for answers as to what that meant, but decided to leave it alone. techwax will be used shortly in it's future].
So this is what I used, I wondered what others might be using on 2008's:
washed with turtle wax zip wash
mothers back to black on the vinyl rear and forward pieces as well as surrounding rear window mounts
mothers mag and aluminum polish on the exhaust tip [disapoointed with the chrome content on the tip :(]
mcquires quick detailer on the paint after dry
black magic tire shine [i debated using a older powerball on the rims and i think i really will next time. those rims are apita, but damn good lookin' for factory]
rainx windshield wax


i am looking for a solution to the chrome front plate/grill. i get alot of spots somehow there and i think there is a better solution that also might make bugs easier to remove.
the rims collect dirt in their crevaces and the pads look to throw quite a bit of dust. hoping the powerball knocks it out next time.
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powerball works

After camping this weekend, I looked at the sorry shape the car was in and cleaned again. This time I engaged the powerball with mother's aluminum polish. It is pretty time prohibative, but the results are good:

It really isn't too bad at all. The jetta is all smoothed out so there are not a lot of crevasses the require alot of attention. The rims are likely the exception, but so far that rim polish is keeping the dust off them. This second time I looked at my watch and threw 40 minutes into it.
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