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Hey all,

So I recently purchased a 99 mk4 jetta from a friend because It had been running funny(acts like its going to stall unless you give it gas) for him. We go to bring it home, and it wont start. So we pop start it, and now it wont start at all. I plugged in my code reader to it and here are the codes it gave me.

P0117- Engine Coolant Temp Circuit Low Input
P0341- Camshaft Position Sensor A- Bank 1 Ckt Range/Perf
P1580- Definition not found
P1543- Definition not found
P0322- Engine Speed Input Circuit No Signal
P0510- Closed Throttle Position Switch
P0102- MAF or VAF A Circuit Low Input
P0122- TPS/ Pedal Position Sensor A Circuit Low Input

I would really like to know if any of these codes will prevent it from starting. Also is it just a bad fuse or relay or would one of the actual sensors fail?

Please help

Thanks in advanced

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