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New to Forum and the VW world. Have a 2004 VW Jetta 1.8t GLI, recently replaced Combi Valve, Secondary Injection air pump, coolant sensor, and the housing for the coolant sensor. With all that being replaced, I now have a coolant issue. I am losing coolant and can not find where the leak is but have to top off after each drive. Coolant being burned up on engine is my best guess.

  • Coolant disappears overnight, I top it off after getting home from a drive and gone in the morning. I assume I am replacing what was lost during the drive.
  • Coolant lines are both hot I use a laser temp. gun to check temps, 160-180 Top line, 140-160 bottom line, Water pump failing? Air Fans turn on at 220-230 I believe.
  • I hit temperatures 220-240 within 15 mins of driving, stop to check temperatures, upon leaving after checking temperatures my temp gauge hits 190 degrees and stays at 190. I have not driven past 15 mins.
  • Checked cooled off oil for coolant, even drained about 12 ounces to makes sure no coolant sitting at the bottom.

I am stumped on what is going on with this car. Any Ideas?
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