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Crank Sensor BAD???

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Is there any way to test if my car's crank sensor (AKA engine speed sender) that works with the RPM's is OK or faulty??

Apparently OBD 1 code 2111 refers to this sensor, but I got notice that this code will be thrown by the car's computer if it tested with the engine off, but my car doesn't start and I need to find a way to diagnose this.

Any help??

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Thanks for your help!

I have spark at the ignition coil, but I'll have to check the distributor...
The car will crank OK, but it will not start.
****This morning it started for the first time. Very weird, it kept the RPM's around 200-300, stalling like crazy. There was a heavy unburned fuel odor. I tried accelerating slowly and when it was about 450 RPM's, it got worse. I heard all the relays clicking going on/off under the steering wheel, so I switched the engine off...

Could it be the distributor?

Any other ideas??

Thanks again!
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