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Dash makeover = Hassle but satisfaction.

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Over the weekend I finally got a chance to paint the dash in the Jetta. It took several hours trying to get it out only to realize that under the inside was an industrial size zip tie that was holding it down the whole time. Why was this there ???? No clue. With my husbands help ( who absolutely hates German cars. lol ) we had to disconnect everything that sits in the dash including a ridiculous amount of screws. I wiped the dash down with denatured alcohol then hit it with the dupli-color. I must say...It looks pretty fantastic! And a lot better then the ugly multi colors it came with, tan and gray. Next ill be re-lining the headliner and painting what is left that is still gray or tan. Here's a peek of the before and after of the dash.

the dash before It was painted.

After using the dupli-color

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If u know anyone who needs part for this car let me know i have a whole original black dash with no holes or raised bumps.Also left side light off of my car,and a front radiator grill all original.I also have smoked out lights and fog light s for anyone who are missing them or got em stolen XD.
Thanks! How much are you looking to sell your smoked lights for? Im also looking for the passenger side window motor. I Bought a brand new set online but when it got here it was for a mk4. Not a mk3. It happens alot.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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