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Desperately seeking the correct answer!

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Just got a Jetta, 2002 GLS 2.0 4 cyl.

CEL is on... after a code scan, read misfire
Replaced spark plugs... which were terrible. :eek:

HOW DO I RESET the CEL. Since I may have fixed the problem.

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Disconnect the battery and let it sit over night or some thing otherwise got to scan it to clear
Tried the battery for a few minutes, ive read disconnecting the computer fuse, but that makes me very nervous.
Once the battery is disconnected dont be afraid to pull anything apart as long as you can put it back where it went. May have to touch the terminals of the battery pos to neg
That won't ground the whole car out.

Maybe I'm just confused.
Other options take it to the dealer if you don't have a code reader. Touching the terminals may reset the cel
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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