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I pulled this from a website, Its instructions on bypassing the factory alarm.

-Remove the knee pad below the steering wheel, drop the fuse/relay board down (out of it's hanger). This allows you to reach up into the dash.
-(Optional)Remove the head light switch and trim (or air bag idiot light) to the left if necessary to allow more light and see things better.
-Remove BOTH plugs (T10 and T6) from the stock alarm module.
-On the T6 plug, jumper the #5 and #6 slots. The T6 plug is numbered like so (facing plug):
2 | | 1
4 | | 3
6 | | 5

-If you are using wire, make sure it is at least 10-gage. You could probably get away with a smaller gage wire, like 12, but I wouldn't recommend it.
-Make sure the jumper is adequately insulated (for example, wrapped in electrical tape).
-That's it!

You need the T10 plug disconnected otherwise the alarm module clicks (internal relay I assume). This modification will NOT affect the central locking system for cars that DO NOT have keyless entry. If your car has keyless entry I cannot confirm nor deny that this may or may not affect your keyless entry system (I'm guessing that it won't affect it but don't quote me on that!).
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