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Here it is a DIY for rear fog light using the stock US switch (this switch is the one that comes with the option of turning your front fogs on by pulling out 1 click)

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any damage you or your car can suffer doing this process, always work carefully and keep it safe.

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 2 hours (for me but if you have this guide i would say less than 1:30)

Tools needed:
-Torx Screwdriver (t-20)
-Flat Heat Screwdriver (a short one will do just fine)
-A 5/16 Wrench (for removing the tail light)
-Wire cutters or simply a knife.
- Dremel or some sort of cutting tool to make the whole in the headlight socket.

- One 12 to 14 Gauge Automotive wire (I used 20 feet to be safe, you can do about 14 and you will be fine) THIS CABLE IN THE DIY WILL BE CALLED RFC (rear fog cable)
- One 12 - 14 Gauge Quick Splice (i used waterproof ones just to be safe)
- One 12 - 14 Gauge Quick Disconnect Female (small female)
- Electrical Tape
- A P21W red bulb or a Pilot Wide Angle LED 1157 bulb (both work fine, i used the LED since i got it for free. For cars without clear tail lights just get a 7506 bulb. or p21w white).

Lets start then:

1) Remove your Headlight switch by pushing in and turning clockwise, make sure it comes out nice and easy.

2) Remove the Fuse cover from the Side Panel Pry out the Dashboard Side panel carefully make sure you pry out the sie panel in the same direction that your door opens as the picture bellow.

3) Remove the 3 Torxscrews in the bottom of the dash.

4) Remove the left trip panel but pulling towards you afterwards you can remove the plastic + sound foam that sits on top of the pedals.

(the dash should look like this)

5) Remove the TorxScrew that holds your Dead Pedal (its up to the Left) and then carefully remove your dead pedal by pushing upwards in the same slope its positioned. and then pull out sideways.

Now lets start wiring.

6) take your wire and from the bottom of the dashboard route your cable to were the Light switch sits (next to the harness of course)

7) Take your wiring harness and locate pin "NL #8" there should be a cable there, thats your front Fog cable. for me it was a yellowish with a stripe of green. but double check in the pin itself.

8)Remove about 1 cm of insulation of your RFC, Secure the quick splice to your Front Fog light cable then insert the RFC to the splice and close your quick splice. (Make sure everything is tight and cables are not moving, for caution put some electric tape around that splice and make sure you use electric tape to secure your RFC to the harness so it looks clean).

(as you can see i did mine pretty close to the connector, and then I told me self how dumb was I, you can do it a little bit downwards and still have the same result and easier re-assemble when putting your harness back in the hole)

9) get your RFC and route it behind the plastic cover next to the hood release and start hiding it by the Sill panels do this until you reach the backseats.

(use a credit card or the flat head screwdriver or just pull up a bit on the panels either way it works, be careful not to cut the wire or harm it please. lol)

10) Now with the rear driver side seat up, unscrew the plastic trim cap and afterwards pull the plastic trim up (refer to pic)

(you dont have to pull this piece so hard, and not all the way, just a bit will make you be able to work)

11) Route the cable the trunk by the carpet, Now head back into your trunk and release 3 plugs that hold the carpet to your chassis. (refer to picture)

(the third one is sideways and a bit the back)

(route the cable all the way to the driver side Tail light)

12) Remove the driver tail light bulb housing by squeezing the two tabs and pulling, go easy and make sure you dont break anything.

13) disconnect the wire harness from the bulb housing by pulling.

14) with the bulb housing out of the way then you will find the whole for the RF is not cut.

15) Now removing the headlight theres DIY around there, its easy theres 3 - 5/16 nuts holding it down, remove them and be really careful not to drop them, my best advice use a wrench so they are loose and then take them out by hand.

16) with the headlight out, cut bulb space, this is easy if you have a dremel and i guess if you have patience you can even use a Hot sharped knife.

(the outcome was pretty nice, make sure blow some air on it so all the pieces that you just cut come out)

17) Reassemble the Headlight and bolt down the screws.

18) Connect your P21W or 1157 bulb to the bulb housing and install the bulb housing back into the headlight.

19) take the RFC and cut about 1 cm of conductor, put it on your female connector and clamp it down, make sure you put some electrical tape around that too.

20) plug your RFC with the female connector to the bulb housing, the housing actually shows a something/RF on the plastic. make sure you connect it to the Right side pin. (refer to picture)

(make sure the female connector is not touching the other left pin, and that is tight in there. put the extra wire down the carpet and close it up).

Reinstall all the daskboard panels/dead pedal and other stuff.

Make sure you put your key in to try it on, or just start up the car. This is a Bring light and it should only be used in harsh conditions. Good luck any questions feel free to ask or pm me.

Here is the end result, pics are not the best and there was tons of lights on the parking lot so its actually brighter than in the pic:


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Thanks man, i put another pic :D hope it helps, its a nice mod i dont run my front fogs that often so now i like the idea of when i run the front ones i have my back one too.

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Added to the DIY list and moved into the DIY section, thanks.

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I did not have to cut a hole in the tail light housing, it was already there. and I ran another wire from the left tail light to the right so it turns on the rear fog on both sides. it just seems to make sense to light up both sides. and for some reason vw has everything there and ready, just not wires up.
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