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Hello my vw jetta 2002 has a problem

Hi, I have a problem with the electric locking and unlocking of my driver's side.

This no longer works.

You no longer hear any sound and nothing happens.

The door does not want to be locked or unlocked with the remote control or the button on the inside. Only with the key in the door.

The other door are locking good and then the alarm also goes on active, and the alarm goes off when you open the door because it is of course not locked.

So it works only with the key to lock or unlock it.

Also the driver's side electric mirror does not work on the left, as soon as I put it on the left the right side moves.

Is this related? Is that thing broken in my door or could it be a cable or something like that. How do I test this?

Does anyone has schematics of the door harnass en connectors or something so I can measure things with my multimeter?

I cleaned the wiring thing from the door but that didn't do anything, it was verry dirty

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