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Recently purchased a 2004 Jetta TDI! The owner before me had an EGR Delete done to it and a Malone stage 2 tune. How ever the car was slower than ever! (No Boost) Even slower than it had originally was. I tried countless thing like MAF sensor, Actuator was fine, no vacuum leaks etc... So I discovered there was a harness that was unplugged that was near the old EGR. So I plugged it into what it had originally been hooked up to and left it sitting there (Not apart of the system). And now the car has so much power!! I'm almost scared its over boosting (Boost gauge on order) or if it could just be the Malone tune. I've never drove a tuned VW before so just curious as to what you guys think of having this thing plugged in and not being apart of the EGR system anymore? Could I be damaging my turbo/ over boosting? Here is a pic of what I plugged in. image.jpg

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The EGR delete should have taken care of that...

Could be the ECU just needed some kind of verification
it was connected, since not, was in LIMP mode. You
should be fine, but don't know why it was unplugged
in the first place. Have you unplugged it again, to see
of it went back to limp mode? If so, then the EGR delete
is just so that the ECU doesn't flag EGR errors, but still wants
the physical connection.

IF that has a stage 2 malone tune, then it is over-boosted by
tune. The easiest way to get HP from a turbo, is to over-boost,
and increase fuel mapping. You can over-boost to a point.
Over-boosting would not damage the turbo, as it is creating the boost.
Too much boost can damage the motor, but there are tolerances,
Malone knows them.

On models with DPFs, during the regen cycle, there is over-boost
added to make up for the loss of HP during the regeneration cycle.
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