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i know my 2003 2.0l is not the jetta one would pick to pimp out but i just put a AEM cold air intake on it and was wondering what exhaust system would go best with it. im not into the whole rice rocket sound id rather have performance and a deeper tone. can anyone help thanks.
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i would go with the Greddy G2 exhaust it might cost you around 600 but its well worth it. it sounds great and itll add about 20-30hp

i have it on my jetta
thanks man, ive heard nothing but good things about greddy. do you know if i will need to do anything about the bumper? right now the stock exhaust just has two pipes facing down.
is apr exhausts any better than magnaflow or greedy
first, u want to tune it not pimp it out. second be proud of ur car and third borla or magnaflows have nice growls
i'd go with magnaflow i just got it on my 04 gli and it sounds great with more of a growl than a whine like some tuners but borla sounds nice but its more expensive
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