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Ok I've decided to get out of the mk5 game and I'm sitting on this is one of three known to be in the US, it makes a dramatic difference..It took
me 1.5 years just to get a replacement valance, I don't even think fifteen52 who was their only US distributor carries them any more so this is pretty m
uch a zender mk5 kit, rarity wise..rear valance is brand new, skirts and lip are primed and cleaned up ready for paint and install..if you want to do som
ething that really makes your Jetta stand out this is it..the only reason I'm selling it is because I'm working on a mk2 Jetta and it's a perfect car for
shows..I'm also selling my bags for the Jetta, Air lift slam series fronts and rears are double bellows..less than 5k miles and work perfect, the body kit I really prefer to sell local and would meet up if you were semi close, the bags I would ship if buyer pays for shipping.

Alpil/newing bodykit is 1500 OBO
Air lift bags with less than 5k on them, no management or air tank, just bags 900 obo Land vehicle Vehicle Car Bumper Automotive exterior
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