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First Post. Yay.

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Apparently I'm supposed to make my first thread and post right here, in the introduction area - so here it is.

My name is James. Last weekend my wife and I purchased our first VW. It's a 5 speed 2000 Jetta GLX VR6.

In the last week I've learned more about VW's than I ever thought I would. Though I've always been a fan, I just haven't had the opportunity or money to invest in joining the club.

During a quick run to the KCMO area to check out an '05 Passat wagon for my wife, we realized (whilst delving into countless bad reviews) that perhaps that was not the car for us. A quick check in the Olathe, KS area online yielded our newly acquired 2000, with just one previous owner and only 60K miles. Heck.. the leather backseat looks like it just came off the line.

I've run across a lot of information regarding our car - both good and bad. Like any naive new comer to the VW family, I feel like I'm ready to take it all on. Time will tell. Until then, I'm excited to own something that's fun to drive, and that has an active and engaging community to participate with.

I enjoy photography, videography, coffee, dark beer and rallycross.

And yes - like so many others, I'm just another schmuck who took advantage of the opportunity to slap a German license plate on the front of my car, because I think it looks cool.
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Welcome to jj glad to hear you have a VR now let's see some pics!!

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