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Flywheel Problem

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Has anyone else had a flywheel "break apart". My Sport Wagen TDI 6 speed at 130000 miles had a "soft/slipping clutch" feel. On inspection the repair center said the flywheel had "broken apart". I replaced the clutch and flywheel ($2,100). He indicated he had heard of other such problems. Curious if other folks have had similar problems?
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Never have heard of a flywheel brewing apart, I know they slip when there ready to b changed but never break apart

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I have never heard of a flywheel blowing apart, but i know a buddy that didn't torque the bolts down and they ended up backing out.

Did you ask to see the broken flywheel? I know shops will try and throw out some bogus stories to get you to spend more money than you need to.
regardless if the flywheel was broken apart or not, it needs to be replaced with a new clutch
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