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Greetings and Salivations!!
I bougth an aircooled VW Bug for my first car. Thought a watercooled VW Jetta would be a good first car for my son. Got one from a VW freak buddy that had a good motor but various other mechanical gremlins. Cutch, brakes, dash, etc. Got all those worked out and the darn thing won't pass DEQ here in Portland, Oregon. CO number goes between 4 and 6 no matter what we do(list below) and we are only allowed 1 here. I know other places in the country only allow half that and these cars pass so WTF??
We have done the following:
swapped out AFM/MAF for a known/tested good unit
cleaned and cleared all vacuum leaks(PCV, ISV, lines, hoses, etc)
cleaned and checked the ISV
new O2, new CAT and exhaust from the CAT back(stock config)
pulled the fuel tank and cleaned/checked both pumps and the various filters
new CTS, waterpump, thermostat, radiator, cleared several water leaks
checked and adjusted the timing
new plugs properly gapped, new rotor/cap
checked and addressed several grounds and corroded wires
new battery
new clutch(machined FW)

Now I know some of that has nothing to do with DEQ but that is a relevant list of what we have done. Well, what I have done while he has watched and learned. And he IS learning.

Anyway, I have found this site very helpful and have heretofore been a lurker. Thought it was time to register and start posting where I can and maybe asking a few pointed questions.

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