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I have a JL Audio Stealthbox for sale. Used.
It fits all Jettas, GTIs, Golfs, and Bugs 99.5-2005.
It does not include the 10" sub.
These retail for over $700

Volkswagen Jetta Stealthbox by JL Audio

This sub box allows you to keep your trunk space by placing the sub in a down firing position under the spare tire in your car.
There is also a few other parts included that raise the trunk floor 2" allowing it to stay flat.
I ended up getting a 13.5" sub which obviously won't fit.
The bottom side of the box has a little bit of grease on it from where it was touching the bottom of the trunk, could be cleaned.
(bottom side isn't visible once installed anyway)
The box is in great condition, no cracks or missing parts.

Please get ahold of me if you're interested.
$300 shipped obo
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