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Okay, First time Jetta Owner. and First time driving stick. Long story short. car looked amazing so I bought it. Test drive was perfect, no codes, nothing wrong at all.

I was getting taught how to drive stick and I'm at a stop sign. Of course i stall the car because I don't know how to drive and unlike every other time stall the car, this time it won't turn over.

I have replaced the fuel pump fuse, and have had the battery tested.

I can't figure out which is my fuel pump relay, the owners Manuel doesn't say and everything online is very contradicting.

Now That's where Everything says the Fuel relay is, and thats the only thing plugged into the fuel relay spot. but yet this doesn't look like the fuel relay the parts stores are saying I need.
And this is the other place where there are relays.

Someone please help!
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