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Fundraiser to Purchase Vbulletin

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Please help us raise enough money to upgrade to Vbulletin. Vbulletin will bring us lots more members and be 10X more secure. was stalled at 300 members for nearly a year. I installed Vbulletin with some Special Plugins, and six months later, we have nearly 3000 members. Since there is no actual Jetta club or Forum, I believe we will be closer to the 10,000 member mark within 6 months with Vbulletin.

I'm working on getting us some decals also. So here's my proposal. anyone who donates $20. or more, will get 2 decals(when we have them made), and VIP status, which will include lots of special features like larger avatar, special permissions, etc.. once Vbulletin is installed. [rockn]
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That's what we're using now. With Vbulletin, We'd grow 100 times faster, I have a few special plugins, that the search engines love. ;)

we are getting a lot of traffic lately though. We hit 73 unique visitors yesterday. The way it looks, we'll have 1000 members by christmas. Once we break that magic 300 mark, things will go a lot faster. There will be people on all the time.
We should have Vbulletin by the end of next weekend. This should supercharge the forum very quickly.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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