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GLI Shuddering on Hard Cornering

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I have an oppertunity to buy a 2003 GLI with 71k. Upon test driving it I noticed a farily evident vibration when accelerating out of turns. It shakes the whole car. I tried it with and without the ESP on and it still does it. The car is in exellent shape, good paint, clean engine, and good tires. I even checked the outer CV joint boots and they looked good too. The engine pulls strong and there seems to be nothing else wrong with it. Is this vibration normal? Also, I did have the A/C on when I drove it if that makes a difference.
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i would of said axle...but if the CV boots are fine then i have no idea.
Check control arm bushing conditions.
Ok, so I ended up buying that jetta. I really like it but that vibration is still there even after they replaced the cv axle (I didn't notice the blown cv because it was the inner joint). I have noticed that it only happens on acceleration during a left hand turn. My uncle said it might be a wheel bearing, but it isn't making any kind of noise. Is this a possibility? I have a 90 day warranty so I'd like to take care of it before the warranty runs out. I'm just looking for advice from someone who is familiar with these specific cars. Thank you all for your input.
Yeah so maybe check the post above.
Are bad control arm bushings easy to diagnose myself, or is this something a mechanic would have to look at to notice? What do I need to look for when checking them out?
Really you just have to look at them. There are two for each arm... one cylindrical, one that looks like a hockey puck. The puck goes bad on all of em'... Look at it, see if its deteriorated.. Grab it and try to move it up and down. Play/deterioration/rot means you need new ones. Pucks need to be pressed in, cylinder type can be set in by hand so long as you get the poly/hybrid type from $20 I think it is for all of them, both sides.

Also check my ''before you buy'' thread for testing.
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