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So I just joined today after some heavy browsing through the forum and I found quite a few helpful links, however...

I've run in to the problem that a lot of the links are either dead, or they're for a different model year than my car (mine's a 95 Mk3 golf, see a lot of 96 and up) and I'm not sure how trustworthy they are, like technically I have the full service manual for the car in another link, but I ran in to the to problem that the wire colors don't really match and so I wonder; does the electrical change much if at all between models and years? Like for example are the wire colors and wiring the same between a 95 and a 96? How about from a regular 95 golf versus a golf gti from the same era?

Another question I have is, I've seen talks and links to a service manual from (I believe) bentley that is in pdf form that's been going around but every single download link has it non-functional, any of you who read this, could you hook me up? Drop me a pm if so.

I'm currently working on undoing maaassive amounts of shenanigans done by previous owners, I'd appreciate any and all pictures y'all might have of like how things are supposed to look/go when factory fresh or done right.

In particular to my current project is, my rear tail light and side light (the ones that come on when you have the key in in the ignition and/or car turned on, not sure what those are called) on the right side stay on permanently, I've traced the problem to them finally shutting off when I remove the #21 fuse, but I'm not 100% sure where to go to from there, any ideas?

I'm trying to do as much as I can myself, since the whole hurricane thing wasn't exactly too kind to me, but this is my first car and my first time ever trying to do any serious work so I apologize to all of you in advance for any mistakes or obvious things I don't know/miss.
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