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Greetings from Sunny Florida

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I am BJL and live in central florida. I just bought my first Jetta. Its a 2003 GLS turbo wolfsburg and i love it so far. I paid $8k which is about its trade-in value. It has 60k miles and i just bought synthetic oil and trans gear oil to change that out. The only other problem is a warped brake disk, but those are only about $30 each.

I wouldnt quite call it a "sports car" but its no dog either :) i am glad to be getting around 25mpg too. A good bit of body roll, but then it handles bumps and holes in the road pretty well.

I am surprised I cant hear the turbo at all, but i guess since its under the block by the firewall and is fairly small I guess it makes sense.

I havent really owned a used car since the advent of forums, so I am glad to be able to read tips and tricks and ask questions!

Thanks in advance for your help!

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PICS!!! Welcome to the site man.
welcome.....welcome..... yea def. get some pics up i wanna check it out..... I have noticed the newer the cars get with stock turbos the quieter they were....... Like old saab 9.5t those you can here..... but newer ones you cant......... my jetta also rides very well.... (needs the new front struts put on)
Here are some pics from the dealer website. I will try to get a proper hi-def pic soon.

Can anyone tell me if the wheels are a factory option? They are BBS and have a VW emblem. Thanks!!


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Nice looking ride.... Any car can be made into a sports car.... What are your plans??? It's real clean looking...... Now sure about the rims.... Kinda weird... Enrgzr's rabbit has some wheels with the VW vinyl logo.....
I'm not sure of all the companies VW has making rims for them but there are a few, and they are factory options, but like I said I'm not sure "who" they are. VW outsources alot of things. Bosch, for example, has made a fortune off of VW.
Hey just wanted to point out that there appears to be a nice MkII in the background of the last pic.
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