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Grounding under $10

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2003 Jetta Wolf 1.8t. APR93, Magnaflow CatBack, Short Ram air Intake (nothing exciting).

o Smoother Idle. Engine used to dip from 770RPM to 690RPM every minute or so.

o Better Gas Mileage. I do 80% city, drive to work (Old Lyme, CT), grocery store and bank (East Lyme, CT), all within 10 miles from each other. Normally I would get about 310 miles on a tank of shell gas. Currently I'm at 355miles and still a way till empty.

o Radio reception still sucks. There are no decent stations in southeastern ct.

Material Needed:
o 6 feet of Stranded THHN wire (4 Gauge). Home Depot has than for about a buck per foot.
o 6 copper lugs that can accept 4 gauge stranded wires. You can go with gold connectors but it's a total waste of money.

1) Run Driver Side Chassis to negative on Battery.

2) Run negative Battery to Engine Block

3) Run Engine Block to Passenger Side chassis

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