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Hallo from Austria

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my Name is Matthias, i am 40 years old, and i am from Austria/Europe.

i own a 2015 Jetta 2.0 TDI, i got from my brother,who died in September 2022.

It is stock, but i want change the wheels, and hopp up the suspension which i want share with you guys :)

have a nice day

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Hi sorry about your brother. Use Black Plasti Dip Spray on the emblems and Go to enter your car and shop for killer wheels tires . They have a lot of ideas. You could swap out the springs to get the stance right. eBay could help.
Have fun. Wheels are everything.
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Not mine ,Found on web , Your car could look like that .I drive a 2009 Sportwagon ,a 2004Camry and a 2007beetle convertible. ✌
My vw's, both 2.5 5cy 6 speed automatics. Recently sold big black merc.I miss her. Still have to may cars(5) Just love cars .
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Gonna be great! My old Merk had those tires .Real nice ride..My jetta got 225,45,17s on it there cool for Factory option wheel.Your brothers smileing doun at you playing wih her !😁Just dont put a smoke stack through the hood like I saw on tv last night.. Road Kill.jetta mk4 had 365000 and they blew it up!🤣
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She's a beauty,I'm shure our brothers smiling down from heaven . Thanks for sharing with me. . Drive safe be proud .Cheers🥂
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