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What is out there for the 2.0L 8V for headers? I'm just starting to looking into them and am really finding very little... I'm dumbfounded that neuspeed doesnt have any.

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headers are a waste for a MK3 2.0
but clean looking jet!
o i didnt realize you were doing this in termss of a repair. if you were going to spend the money on buying headers i would say spend it on something more usefull but if its because of a repair than i agree with you. i personally wouldnt buy headers from ebay but if you do have to replace it why not replace it with something better. and i feel yah i live in MA, i havnt washed my car once this winter:-Xahha. but id look into some other headers over the ebay ones. good luck with everything man!
Yeah, I picked up a set from I had a 10% off coupon and free shipping. They are being shipped directly from the pace setters factory in Arizona.

I agree with you about ebay, unless I can put an exact part number on what I'm buying, it really sketches me out.

nice man, good luck with everything!
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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