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Headlights issues

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Not sure I am posting on correct forum so please direct if not.
vehicle is 2006 Jetta turbo, A/T, 4 door. My daughters car.
hitting the brakes the lights go out, hitting a bump in the road, lights go out.

I have checked the very basics, the battery is 12.38 before starting, the alternator output is 14.28, terminals clean.
I pulled the main lighting switch but don’t see any obvious defects, nothing noticeable like loose or heat.

Looking at different write-ups on the internet I replaced the ignition switch because this was known to cause strange electrical problems. No change except spending $40.00

It’s a nice little car, plenty spunky and I really need to figure this out.

thanks in advance
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Hi, I'd let it idle and shake the battery cables. Sounds line corroded or looses ground to body. Good luck.
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