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I want these head lights for my car but don't really know what i'm looking for but thinking this might be a great place to buy it from. all i did tho is search it on yahoo so i havn't herd anything about this site so thats the only thing im worried about but im thinking it would be better getting it here then some seller on ebay. What do you guys think?
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get these. I have purchased from them and they are trusted on the Vortex. And shipping will be free.
If you look at the 2 pictures of the websites that show th headlights (The one i showed and the one ENRGZR showed) the blinker is set differently which one do you guys think would look better tho?

Here is the one i was showing

Heres is the one ENRGZR is showing
never mind i made up decision and am getting the one ENRGZR is showing because if you look at the ones i showed the yello blinker has no clear cover over it and i think it would reflect all over the chrome headlight and wouldn't look so good. as in the one ENRGZR is showing it has a clear cover covering the yellow bulb which i think it would look better when using it cause it would just be a fine yellow blinker flashing instead of the yellow flashing every were on my headlight. so as soon as i go to the bank deposit my check i will be ordering these lights. Thanks ENRGZR for showing me the website.
haha ok but just to let you know my stock lights look scratchy and shitty as hell so you will see a huge difference once i change my lights. Man i can't wait till they come in and the thing that drives me crazy is when i bought them all it said is i bought the lights and it doesn't tell me when it comes in so thats all i've been thinking about ever since i bought them is "No wonder when they come in, maybe its today?" I get a little impatient after i buy stuff especially over the internet. I always want it right away but for sure i will take pics for you guys and post them up as soon as possible. :)
It comes with a ballast holder built in for HID Retrofit but i don't have HID on them already i will though before winter hits again so i can see at night. It's mostly night time in Alaska so its ganna be nice to have the HID before winter.
take before and after pics!
Here they are. Hope you guys like it.

Say good bye to the stock headlights.

Eye Eye Captain

Look At The Difference!

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Ya it took me three hours and a half with my cousin helping me but could have gone faster if i had already done this before. On the other hand i was thinking about taking it to a shop to do it but i ended up doing it myself. I am really glad i did it myself tho. Now i can say "I" did it and it also helped me learn more about my car. It was a great experiment. Heres the website that i learned how to switch my headlights from. I really give credit to this guy he really explained it very well.
Ya the only thing i had troubles was disconnecting the pully thing that opens the hood so i can take the grill off and i tried to take off my bumper when i forgot about to screws that were inside the 2 bottom grills in the bumper. Then we had took like a good 45 min on my left headlight trying to disconnect it. That plug was stuck there for good we used a flat head to prime it out and it didn't do it. Till once we got a plier so we can pull as hard as we can, then it worked. lol plug has a couple scars from all that. The right headlight came out like a baby though. It was weird how the other one was so hard to take out.
I bought the Euroswitch and wiring harness for the car already but haven't put them in. I'm waiting for the car club i'm in to make a install meet so they can help me out. A couple guys know how to do it and said they would help me out.

Euroswitch doesn't look hard but hooking up that wiring harness does sound really confusing. I'll post pics and help as much as possible to make it look simple as possible as soon as i get them installed.
The headlights work very well, The only reason in buying a euroswitch and fog light wiring harness is if your stock euroswitch doesn't have a fog light switch. GLX Jettas have them but the GLS like mine. Don't have the Foglights built in them. So i have to buy/put them in myself. Get it? I'll take a pic right after work inside my garage so you can look at how the lighting shows from inside my car. It looks awesome.
Post pics cause kinda confused of what your talking about
yea....Mine don't have those wires on my headlights. Just the plug and play part. Can't really help you out there. Do your headlights still work fine when you plug them in?
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