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I want these head lights for my car but don't really know what i'm looking for but thinking this might be a great place to buy it from. all i did tho is search it on yahoo so i havn't herd anything about this site so thats the only thing im worried about but im thinking it would be better getting it here then some seller on ebay. What do you guys think?
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those look real clean..i like them alot..i actually have seen those in black instead of the clearish looks real good though..are you doing an HID conversion or are they already HID?
looks real clean...i was thinking about changing my lights..but it looks like you did a lot of basically took the whole front end off..idk if i wanna do that..looks good though congrats
made the decision to get those headlights!...gonna be getting them in black housing so as soon as i get paid friday i'm putting my order..i'll keep you guys posted..and i might even try doing it myself using that site chucho89 posted
hey chucho did you install the euroswitch into your jetta too or did you keep the stock switch. i was just looking at the site you posted and that installation looks super hard
do the lights run fine without the euroswitch?...and these headlights use a separate high and low beam right?
so i finally got my halo projector headlights..most of it is simple plug and play but on the bottom of the light there are six wire paired off in two each one red, one black..these wire aren't mounted to anything they're just there...what are those for????..i'll post pics of what i'm talking about real soon helped me out a ton man thanks...although i wish i had known that before i took apart my car and realized i couldnt do it lol...does anyone here think that if i were to take it to a v-dub dealer theyd be able to do it all for me..including getting the euroswitch and wiring kit for it?
its really only like a ten minute job but if you dont want to do it i doubt that a dealership will and if they do they would charge way to much
do you happen to be located anywhere in the New York Tri-State area haha..cuz i can't figure this out at all...the whole wiring thing throws me way off
it would be awesome if you could..chucho posted up a whole diagram but that headlight is way different than the one i if you could do that for me it would be much appreciated
thanks for making my life 10 times easier...i appreciate the time you took for making this diagram..thank you:)
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