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Heater failed, advice?

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So my 95's heater core is toast, i hear the waterfall and see coolant on my passenger side.

question 1: Does anyone know of a How-to to replacing heater cores? i searched and didnt come up with anything, maybe there is a different website someone knows about with one, im new to jettas.

Question 2: would bypassing the heater core be an acceptable temporary fix seeing that it is summer now and i wont need heat? or could that complicate something else, i cant imagine it causing much harm.

It is a bone stock Jetta GL auto.

any advice is much appreciated!
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anyone? help is appreciated
yea i figured id have to pull the dash like on most cars, thats not that hard to do tho, just kidn annoying and time consuming
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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