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Heater failed, advice?

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So my 95's heater core is toast, i hear the waterfall and see coolant on my passenger side.

question 1: Does anyone know of a How-to to replacing heater cores? i searched and didnt come up with anything, maybe there is a different website someone knows about with one, im new to jettas.

Question 2: would bypassing the heater core be an acceptable temporary fix seeing that it is summer now and i wont need heat? or could that complicate something else, i cant imagine it causing much harm.

It is a bone stock Jetta GL auto.

any advice is much appreciated!
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Bypassing the heater core should not be an issue. Changing it out... I'll look at my manual later but it probably entails pulling the dash apart..

Yeah.. Checked the manual pretty much have to take the whole dash out to get at the heater core.. much more involved than I thought it would be.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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