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Hello All! Got my Jetta! yay

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Hey guys, my names Daniel, so i bought a 1999 VW Jetta GLX VR6 a couple days ago with 77k miles. So far i have been very impressed with the overall performance of the car. I don't really know anything about the VWs, freakin Euro cars are so werid :confused:
Anyways, i really love the look of the MKIII golf/jettas. I already threw on an intake filter, and it came with lowering springs. I was thinking of getting headers soon too, any help with my car would be very appreciated, thanks and once again, helloooo


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Thanks lol... you can have my motor if i find a Audi TT 3.2 V6 motor and it fits in my car! hahaha
yes, thats exactly what i did. I got a Spectre intake filter from PepBoys. They make ones that are half mine's size for half the price, but ya gotta get the one that has multiple sizes on it, it's got a spacer to fit 3, 3 1/2, and 4 inch piping, i think the 3" was perfect, can't remember. I'd recommened doing the same as o what i did.
Practically a CAI for $50. $40 for the filter, and you gota get a breather for the tube that comes off the front of the air box.
welcome to the site. you should SC it.
i thought about it, but i dont know any companies that have a VR6 SC, i looked at neuspeed, but i think they only make em for the 4cyl...
any chance you can get the dimensions of ur filter? i dont have a pepboys local so i gotta look around.

also, what size breather did you use?
yeah i'll look at the dimensions when i get home, but i know for a fact aht where it clamps to the stock MAF tube, it's 3" fit, the filter i got had a 3, 3 1/2, and 4" tube, it had spacers that went in it to make it 1/2" smaller diameter. You can get s smaller filter and an extension pipe and work up a better heatsheild, or you can get a huge one like i did. :cool:

edit- i don't know what size breather i used, the actual breather part is really huge, barely fits down there, but the piping that fits with it is if i remember correctly 1"...
so i decided to post a couple more pictures for you guys... enjoy...

the first pic, is of the breather so you can see it...

The 2nd pic is of the VR6 badge i took of the front and shoved into the air vent HAHAHAHA.... made the interior pretty cool looking though.


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i do, the stock tubing comes up to the air box, but right where i have my breather there was a clamp holding that pipe that goes from there to the air box, so i took off that extension piece and put the breather there. The only problem i have had is that it keeps falling off, but i just figured out that it's bcuz i never clamped the breather down, i just stuck it into the rubber thing that made it fit the 1" pipe...

i shall take a pic of it as soon as i get a chance
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