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Hello, glad to be here.

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Hello, my name is Chuck and I love my Jetta. I own a 1997 Jetta GLX and its packin a VR6. I'm from Pennsylvania / New York but moved to Florida to take a break from the Army and go to school.

I've slowly been getting my car where I want it. But upgrades cost money and I have a family, so of course its hard. Things were progressing nicely till a ******* with no insurance ran a red light and clipped my frontend on the drivers side. That was in May 2007. I had to wait till tax return to fully repair the damage (I did something really cool).
But as this is only my intro I'll save the rebuild for another post.

I've always liked vw's even the older ones. I've got some friends that live for old veedubs. As for me I was on the prowl for a MkIII jetta with a VR6 and I found one. :eek: Yay me. Well I'm looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for jetta's with you guys.
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