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hello need some quick engin help (1985)

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Ok so just to put this out there i am not a car guy. my dad is.

so here is a little story about my dads 1985 Getta GLI.

Ok so before my dad bought the car some kid had it and tryied to fix it but he was stupid and ended up screwing up the car more than what it was. the kid bought the car for $300 and it didnt run but sience he needed money he put it up for sale and my dad got it for a wopping $100 dollars. needless to say hes put atleast $500+ in it and its still not running properly.

he thinks its the injectors because when it starts up it kinda puts but if you put youre foot on the gas it really dosent do anything and then shuts off. so sometime here he is gonne pull the injectors and see if there plugged.

Now on to my question. We cant figure out if the proper cylnders are getting like the proper spark? um i dunno like the wires that goes into the thing?

ah well the distributer yeah thats it. basicly he looked in a book and online and there are 2 different answers so we were wondering how it should go?

Here is a link to a pic with how it is now

is that right? thanks if anyone can help me and my dad out
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Generally a 4 cylinder's

Firing order is 1-3-4-2
Injection order is 4-2-1-3

What has been replaced? and what was it replaced with?
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