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help! car wont start!

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hi guys my name is Diane. I recently bought 2002 jetta 2.0 without warantee and the car died on me while driving on the Highway!!!
I changed the Battery and it started up fine but my red Battery sign wouldn't go away! Long story short. now my car won't start Again and i was hoping i could get some clue of what it could be before i start dumping my money at stealership.
Thanks in advance!!!![woo]
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if it died on the highway while you were driving id bet it is the ignition coil. It most likely cracked
actually if it ran with a new battery for a little while it is probably the alternator. The little battery light means that the battery is not being charged. Replace the alternator and hopefully your new battery isnt trashed.
Its definitely the alternator; get auto zone to test it just to be 100% certain then replace it.
Ya, I have the same problem, my car sounds like its a energized battery, all the wires and barrings are stripped, and when i turn on my sound system my car quits. It's only $100 for one though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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